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We found Villa Pizzini whilst walking around Mottarone and it was immediately love at first sight for this stunning building from 1880.

The villa was initially built by a wealthy family used as hunting mansion until, in 1952, it was donated to the church by Mayor of Stresa, Donna Maura, with the intention for it to be used as a summer holiday house for children. The Mayor also named the Villa after his nephew Edoardo Pizzini who tragically died at the age of 8.

Since we first saw it we decided to convert this Villa, surrounded by hundreds of beech trees in a intimate and cosy restaurant and to make the 5 rooms available to our guests who wnated to fully experience the beauty of this mountain and our food. It was then that we decided to move up on Mottarone, leaving London, UK, after many many years spent there.

When we first found the villa though, it was abandoned and so was the wood around it, although, we seen the potential and we decided to start the renovating process who lasted 9 months. The result is what you see today, a reastaurant room, small by choice, se we can treat our guests in the best way, 5 rooms, dedicated to those who wanted to enjoy not only the homemade food, but also the mountains, the lake, the islands, the sunrise and sunsets that this beauiful mountain has to offer.


  • Double Room: 95€
  • Family Room (2 connected rooms, 1 with double bed, 1 with 2 single beds): 125€ (2/3 guests) – 145€ (4 guests)
  • Top Floor Room (2 connected rooms with double bed, 1 living rom, 1 bathroom, 60square meters): 155€ (2 guests), 175€ (3 guests), 195€ (4 guests)


  • Rates reserved to Swimrun Cheers Race competitor, subject to availability at the time of booking. Agree rates are based on the official rates 2019. We are not responsible for possible dissonances of prices found on online booking platforms
  • Prizes a room/a night/continental breakfast a buffet
  • To book, please contact the accomodation directly.

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