Sunday May 5, 1895″ reads the Nautical Magazine – “took place in Stresa a meeting of the members of the idea of ​​founding a company to give sailing regattas on Lake Maggiore and nearby lakes.” It began in a Grand Hotel room et des Iles Borromées, thanks to the initiative of illustrious sailing enthusiasts and with the patronage of the LL.AA.RR. the Duke and the Duchess of Genoa, the Verbano Yacht Club is founded in Stresa. The sporting life of the Club starts immediately to be very intense, with regattas from Stresa, Belgirate and Luino. Just a few names, such as the Marquis Franco Dal Pozzo, the Comm. Vercellone, the Ing. Nigra, the Marquis Medici, the Nob. Fazio Dal Pozzo, with their marvelous boats, to understand the enthusiasm and the level of the Club that in 1896 has the privilege of S.M. the King can boast of the title of Regio and of the guide with the Royal Crown. In 1897, with the Honorary Presidency of S.A. the Duca degli Abruzzi, the Club already boasts 50 members, 25 sailboats and 11 motorboats, among which are remarkable: Isolabella del Principe G. Borromeo and Vittoria del Marchese Pallavicino. In 1898 the Regio Verbano Yacht Club officially took part in the Mediterranean regattas, gathering numerous laurels: 40 sailing yachts, including 14 monotypes, and motor boats 17.

In 1970 the new headquarters were bought and in 1973 the happy moment of the new move arrives and the partners move with enthusiasm in the current beautiful place on the beach of Villa Dora, in front of Isola Bella: thanks to Manlio Zucchi the “Verbano” is saved from a secure end. The Club becomes not only a venue for competitive sailing, but also a meeting point for families with children and members, who find there a place to relax with a 33-meter swimming pool and restaurant.

Under the chairmanship of Alfonso Fasola (1980-84), the VYC has as its main objective the involvement of youngsters in sailing. Participants in the course at Belgirate multiply, under the protective wing of Pino Sessa. Some of those young students will become national champions such as Massimo and Alberto Dell’Acqua, Carlo Sessa, Manlio, Alessia and Nicolò Soldani, Eric Bevilacqua.

It was certainly Aldo Bottagisio with his victories to thrill the boys and to encourage them to improve nationally and internationally.


Club House
Club House

Social events intensified in the 1990s and the importance of friendships among members was emphasized. The 1995 Centenary was a very important moment in the history of VYC. With the help of many members the book of the centenary was born, a collection of documents, photographs and drawings elegantly bound and given to all members.

It was celebrated at the Grand Hotel et des Iles Borromées where it all started.

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