Swimrun Cheers Race 2020 is full of news.

To share the emotions that this race leaves inside, we decided to include the participation in TEAM (man / man / woman / woman, man / woman), according to the philosophy ÖtillÖ, in addition to the individual (ONLY).

Swimrun Cheers Race was born in 2016, in 2020 it will celebrate its fifth birthday. The uniqueness of this event are the participants and the magical places crossed. A path that step by step, arm by arm becomes a unique journey to discover the hidden corners of two lakes, Maggiore and Mergozzo, enchanted places such as the Borromean Islands – Bella and Madre, the Island of Fishermen and be conquered by the eyes in the passages to Verbania Pallanza, Stresa, Baveno and Mergozzo.

HARD/IRON: You will start from Stresa beach and swim to Isola Bella, the first of the three Borromean Islands you come into contact with, then run and swim through Isola dei Pescatori and Isola Bella. We leave botanical gardens, albino peacocks and dive back into the waters of Lake Maggiore and exit at Verbania Pallanza. A nice ride to Fondotoce where you return to the water, running and swimming across Lake Mergozzo, running on the Blue Path. We return to Fondotoce swimming in the “cool” Toce to exit at Feriolo, run down to Baveno, go up through forests and quarries arriving in Someraro, with a breathtaking view and down to Stresa for the arid lake front, in the middle of the city for the tracks Iron and Short. The HARD from Someraro will climb another 700mt to take you to the wild heart of Mottarone and then descend to Stresa!

SHORT: It starts from Mergozzo with a swim and then passes through incredible trails, being hugged by bamboos and then through the village, run on the blue path and reconnect to the path of the Hard and Iron in Fondotoce.

SPRINT/EXPERIENCE: They start and arrive in Mergozzo. You run and swim around this incredible lake, with crystal clear water without motor navigation.