One of the most frequently questions when we talk about swimrun is.. “but how do you swim with shoes on? “, and also “how do you train for a competition like this?”

We have finally found the answer after putting some thought into it: SC Coach and Training. In addition to our Diego Novella and his worldwide experience we are excited to announce that Ric Palumbo and Tom Bellorio, both FITRI coaches and both with a bachelor degree in sport sciences, will share their expertise in swimrun and triathlon. What do you think? Not too bad, uh? :)
How is it organized?
Well, because we are looking for the optimal training, Time and Motivation are essential, and because we want that your goals will be truly achieved, your coach will be happy to work with you to create a customized schedule.
The schedule will also include a once a month meeting with your coach, so that you can go over techniques and  preparation.
To give you an idea of timing,  you may want to know that to be well prepared for the race of June 15th, 2019 you would need to train for 4 months for the SHORT and for 6 months for the IRON race.
How much does a customized training schedule to prepare for the race?
  • 4 months /Short race ~ 84euro/month (69euro+iva 22..)….price includes schedule &  consultation/meeting
  • 6 months /Iron race ~ 72euro/month (59euro+iva 22..)….price includes schedule + consultation/meeting
12 months ~ 60euro/month (49euro+iva 22..)….price includes schedule + consultation/meeting
Coaching online & offline
Your coach can also just follow you online if you are too far, but of course, if you can manage to meet him once a month would be ideal.
How do you like the idea? 
Would you like to clarify doubts or you have questions? Please don’t hesitate and get in touch with us! Write to info@swimruncheers.com
We are looking forward to hearing from you!