How would you like the idea of becoming a Swimrun Cheers Ambassador?


  • you attended at least 1 Swimrun Cheers Race IRON or SHORT
  • you shared our posts on your social media channels and/or you will be willing to broadcast our posts, so that more people will know what Swimrun Cheers is
  • you got infected by Swimrun Cheers and you are thinking of organizing a Swimrun Cheers Test in 2020 in your area with or support
  • you will be able to bring at least 3 new athletes to register to the 2019 Swimrun Cheers Race, even if you will not attend to 2019 race
  • you are ready to help out at one of our SCT base and/or pro

wow, have you checked every point? Fabulous! You are all set to become a Swimru Cheers Ambassador!


Why would you want to become a Swimrun Cheers Ambassador?

  • because you will receive the Swimrun Cheers Ambassador swimcap
  • because you will be granted a 50% discount on the Swimrun Cheers Race 2019 registration fee (IRON: 89.50 euro vs. 179euro, ……)
  • because you will always pay less for anything we will come up with
  • because you will pay 95euro instead of 125euro for the body SC
  • because you will be listed among our Swimrun Cheers Brand Ambassador staff
  • because you will not get just a friendly hand shake, in case you introduce us to companies interested in becoming our partners.. ;))


If you are ready to accept this challenge, write to veronica.castelli@swimruncheers.com