Swimrun Cheers is passion. Yes, but whose? 

Diego Novella, «the athlete, former athlete or ASI manager for Swimrun in Italy», these are the job titles he has, depending on which business card he decide to use  😉   

From January 2018 to September 1st: 1.320k run, 692k swimming. 

Swimrun: 460.797mt, of which 78.697mt of swimming and 382.100mt of run. 17 Swimrun Cheers Test BASE/PRO plus 18 training.  

First Italiam Swimrun addicted from 2014 until now he finished 2 ÖtillÖ World Championship and 11 International Race (6 of ÖtillÖ circuit).  

What makes him different? The desire to share his passion for Swimrun with anyone, never denying a word, advice, training to anyone! Ask around… 😉  


FB e Instagram Diego Novella 


FB e Instagram Diego Novella

Veronica Castelli, “il neurone” her job title on Swimrun Cheers business card, but in her professional life she is the Head of Marketing for Michelin Soles, with a background in different sports company like Salewa, Speedo, Lotto Sport Italia…  

As all “neurons” often she is too concentrate to try to do everything in the best way, but fortunately she has found the time to become a little bit a swimrunner.  

What makes her different? The unfailing transparency of his smile, the passion she instills when talk about Swimrun Cheers, her capacity to catch the moment with her camera: her photos are a must of Swimrun Cheers!  


FB Valentina Castelli

 Antonio Aurilio, job title, “the marchettaro“, in reality “the shadow man”. Just few people know of his existence, but we all benefit from his efforts, without knowing it… from the website, to the graphics of the swimming cap, through the management of the Cheers Village, video, leaflets to the software for the bibs… 

What makes it different? The patience. The incredible level of endurance of the last minute requests made by “the neuron”! He never lose your temper! 


FB e Instagram Antonio Aurilio

Enrica Tomei, job title , “the social”. Who does not know La Tommy? Everyone in the Swimrun Cheers universe, and not only know her. The social woman par excellence, even of our Instagram account Swimrun_Cheers_Official, as well as the perfect incarnation of “… I enjoy it.” Point. “Infected by the” Swimrun Cheers “disease during a test in 2017 and from that day is no longer guaranteed; only got worse! 

FB e Instagram Enrica Tomei