Swimrun Cheers, also the name, has on his DNA has a very strong side CHEERS. Every year on the occasion of the race weekend we organize for the territory a two-day tasting of craft beers but not only. Over 50 labels … not bad, eh? After the great success of 2018, in 2019 we will have 3 days of Cheers!

Dedicated to those who participate in the SWIMRUN RACE, to those who follow it as a spectator, to simple curios, a moment to be together and enjoy the beautiful territory that surrounds us.

For 2019, we are working for you, to be able to amaze you once again. Meanwhile, mark the dates: Friday 14 June, Saturday 15 June and Sunday 16 June.

We will set up a small living room overlooking the lake, the Borromme Islands, a glimpse of Lake Maggiore unforgettable, to offer participants and all tourists, an experience to remember.

Swimrun Cheers thinks about the athletes but also about the territory that hosts us because the integration land + sport is pure power for our emotions!


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