"SWIMRUN is the desire to defeat your own limits, while discovering unique places and having fun with people who share the same passion; when YOU SWIMRUN the stopwatch is the last of the protagonists. (Diego & Veronica)

Hello, nice to meet you!

While waiting to meet you in person, perhaps at one of our tests or directly at the race, we'd like to tell you our story.

Diego Novella, "the ex-athlete" (... I am not sure about the “ex’... 😉) and Veronica Castelli, "the neuron": we are the two people behind Swimrun Cheers. What is it? How did it start?

First of all, you need to know that in Diego’s veins you will find ‘globules of sport’ instead of.. blood cells! In 2014, after doing modern pentathlon, skiing, swimming, running, marathons, triathlon as a swimmer, cycling, mountain biking and marbles … he meets Swimrun. What's SWIMRUN? It is swimming/running/swimming/running in alternating fractions without a changing zone (you run in your wetsuit and swim keeping  your running shoes on ). It was born in Sweden, from an alcohol bet, where some friends competed in run and swim from point A to point B. In 2006 Michael Lemmel and Mats Skott discover this strange sport and decide to turn it into a more commercial event. The first two years only a few teams signed in, but after the teams learned that the only way to make it to the end is to never stop and keep a constant pace. In 2011 the competition was named ÖtillÖ. Today, it is recognized as SWIMRUN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP and it has been classified by CNN as one of the most difficult races in the world: "Ladies and gentlemen, the Swimrun sport was born!" The SWIMRUN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP course is 75Km long. 65Km of running (devided into 31 fractions) plus 10km of swimming (devided in 22 fractions), while passing through 26 islands. Diego competed in the world championship twice and he was the only Italian!

In 2015, when he was just back from one of these races, while sitting at the Strobino bar in Arona with his friend Andrea Mora (the cafe’s owner), they were able to involve Veronica, long time expertise in marketing and communications, to finally answer to their questions:  "How to make Swimrun becoming popular in Italy? How about a race in ‘lago (lake)  Maggiore’? "

After thinking again and again  Veronica “the Neuron” gets into action, also thanks to Diego and Andrea’s passion for beer: she will in fact discover that "... after a tennis match  a Goose or a Weiss beer have the same value as an orange juice. As long as you don't exceed 3-4 degrees of alcohol, sport and beer can really get along .. (read the article) ". Yes! This is what Veronica was looking for!

Good artisan beer and sport both connect people by promoting social relations and competition at the same time. Beer and Sport are a strong combination and both share passion and hard work: the brewer and the athlete both strive to conquer their personal goal for the joy of the audience, sportsman, passionate, or simply curious. That's how it happened, how "SWIMRUN CHEERS" came into the world.

SWIMRUN CHEERS’ mission is to share our passion for SWIMRUN by creating events where athletes can test and participate in actual swimrun races, because only by experiencing this sport you can truly understand  what is  the benefit of such positive emotions experienced in the race, at any stage : before, during and after having completed it.

We do all this through:

SWIMRUN CHEERS TEST: from March 24th, 2018 half days - anyone can try what swimrun is, in absolute safety, harmony and respect for any fitness level . Click here to find out dates, schedule and how to register.

SWIMRUN CHEERS Test PRO: from 24 March 2018 half days will be dedicated to those who have already tried the Swimrun and want to train among friends and maybe sign up for the first race. Click here to find out dates, schedule and how to register.

SWIMRUN RACE IRON and SHORT: the third edition will start on June 9th 2018. It was born in 2016:  the first two editions started and arrived in Verbania Pallanza. Read the emotions of the 2017 edition!

GREAT NEWS for 2018: departure & arrival in Stresa! Find out by clicking here all the details of the only race in the world that allows you to run and swim among the Borromean Islands.

Thanks to the collaboration with the city councils of Stresa, Verbania, Mergozzo, Baveno and the Administration of the Islands we finalized a breathtaking track that only Lake Maggiore can offer.

Emotions and ... SUBSCRIBE TO THE TESTS: THE FIRST is March 24, 2018 !, with Swimrun Cheers you can experience unforgettable emotions and meet fantastic people!



The Swimrun Test, the program

SWIMRUN TEST, half-days of “approach” to swimrun organized where 20 people will discover the basics of this new incredible discipline, measuring on different routes with a total distance of about 10km, of which 7 for running and 3 for swimming.


The Swimrun Test PRO – registration

8 days With Diego Novella to try along with 20 other curious and passionate like you what SWIMRUN is. Also, all participants will have the opportunity to try and test for free swimrun equipment. The registration fee has a cost


The location: Test 2018

Swimrun Cheers Test are organized to Lago di Monate an incredible location close to Milan (40’ by car) where you can swim in clear water, totally safe because there is no motor navigation.

Beer, a long history

There are two aspects that have always characterized the history of beer over the centuries: a worldwide diffusion and its popularity in any social circles. It is not known exactly where it was born: some people say Mesopotamia, others Egypt, some mention the Orkney Islands, and others even Malta. We don't think that this is very important, what is truly important is to be with us in Pallanza!