"..."... A Gose or Weiss after a game of tennis have the same value as a fizzy orange drink. As long as the beer does not exceed 3-4 percent of alcohol it can be done, a point of encounter between sport and beer is really possible ... ” ” (see article), SWIMRUN CHEERS was created on the basis of this discovery ! What's SWIMRUN Cheers? It's the dream of of Diego Novella that comes true thanks to the madness and passion of other nutcases like him, and the union of two perfect worlds: SWIMRUN & BEER. Craft beer and sport connect people by promoting debate and socialization. SWIMRUN & BIRRA. Beer and sport is a powerful combination that speaks of passion and hard work, the brewer and the athlete both aim at the achievement of their own personal goal for the delight of the public, whether sportive, aficionado or simply curious.

SWIMRUN is swimming/running with no changing room (you run with your wetsuit, you swim with your shoes ...). On August 27th 2016 Lake Maggiore hosted a competition unique in the world: 17 alternating race segments for a total of 32km, 22km of run and 10 of swim that will see 110 participants swimming and running in the breathtakingly places that only Lago Maggiore can offer: the three Borromeo Islands, Stresa, Baveno, Feriolo, Mergozzo lake, Pallanza and the Isolino di San Giovanni.
In 2017, we will do it again on June 3rd. Are you ready to take part in a unique event? Registrations are open! Don't wait :)

CHEERS at Pallanza on the 3rd and 4th of June 2017: what beer or food will you be craving? Stay tuned and soon we will give you more details! :)


The Swimrun Race 2017!

A itinerary that’s unique in the world with views that will leave you breathless, not to mention the 8 running and 9 swimming segments to be completed before you can shout “I’ve done it!”. Discover more details and how to register by clicking here!


CHEERS! Craft beers, Street Food & Live Music

Two days with craft beers, quality food and live music


2017, The location

Lago Maggiore, Isola Bella, Isola Madre, Isola dei Pescatori, Stresa, Baveno, Lago di Mergozzo, Pallanza and Isolino di San Giovanni… the pearls of Lake Maggiore await you!

Beer, a long history

There are two aspects that have always characterized the history of beer over the centuries: a worldwide diffusion and its popularity in any social circles. It is not known exactly where it was born: some people say Mesopotamia, others Egypt, some mention the Orkney Islands, and others even Malta. We don't think that this is very important, what is truly important is to be with us in Pallanza!