our history

How was Swimrun Cheers born? Eh, good question! Diego Novella - the swimrunner dependent on "our Lord of Swimrun" as some of our swimrunners call him - does not pass blood through the veins, but sports globules. In 2014, after spending in modern pentathlon, skiing, swimming, running, marathons, triathlon as a swimmer, cycling, mountain biking and marbles ... he meets Swimrun.

In 2015, upon the return of his second participation in the ÖtillÖ World Championship, at the bar Strobino (Arona) of his friend Andrea Mora, the two managed to involve Veronica, who deals with Marketing & Communication. The two ask her the fateful question: "how to make Swimrun known in Italy? And a race at Lake Maggiore? ". "The neuron" - as it is called by the two - thinks and rethinks how to do it. Thanks to Diego and Andrea's passion for beer, he discovers that "... A Gose or a Weiss, after a tennis match, have the same value as an orange drink. As long as they do not exceed 3-4 alcohol degrees and it can be done, the meeting between sport and beer is really possible .. ", that's it.
March 2016, Swimrun Cheers is born!

The "0" edition: a bet. Thanks to the passion of other madmen like us, we made our dream come true. Few but good, all with a crazy inner satisfaction. Their adrenaline was crucial to breaking the ice, fuel for our inner fire. Needless to mention the immense effort because every smile and hug received at every single step of the athlete under the arch of arrival, vanished!

“11km swimming? You are crazy! "It rumbled in our ears but from there we didn't move for two reasons: 1 Diego's connection to the OtillO World Championship 2 our will to be different

THANKS Gianfranco Inconics, Claudia Imperiali and Francesco Nota!

The biggest emotion of this edition? Review many of the protagonists of the "0" edition.

That's all? Well, it wouldn't already be a whole here, however no. This edition has created a strong bond with the protagonists, many from the tests and above all something that is not obvious. Which? Discover in the authorities and municipalities of unexpected accomplices to push us to "give more" and together find new ideas for 2018!

THANKS Municipality of Stresa, Matteo de Luca, Yacht Club Verbano, Gianfranco Inconics, Claudia Imperiali.

Wow ... what an edition! 10 pages would not be enough to tell them.

The highlights? The discovery of the American and Russian members, we thought they had the wrong race , the arrival at the Gardens of Villa Pallavicino in Stresa, many friends at the third participation, a fantastic group of afecionados to the tests who would never have thought of doing the race and instead ... and to conclude, the pride of having brought for the first time to Stresa, a Street Food Village and Craft Beer Tasting.

Without forgetting Antonio Aurilio officially entered the team (poor him, Santuomo!) Together with Dario Novella, Michela and La Tommy.

Finished here?!?!? NOOOOOOOO! The pride of having organized the first SWIMRUN BY NIGHT in HISTORY. Wikipedia wrote it too!

2019 was the year of news. The new HARD course (50 km) at the Stresa race, the organization of tests in 3 new regions with the infection of new swimmers out of the "comfort zone" and the birth of the "Armata Swimrun Cheers" team! A success.

Swimrun Cheers is passion. Yes, but whose?
behind the scenes
guardian angels
“il neurone”

Veronica is "the neuron", this is her "job title" on the business card of Swimrun Cheers. In her professional life she is Head of Marketing of Michelin Soles, with a background in various sports companies such as Salewa, Speedo, Lotto Sport Italia .. .
Like all "neurons" she is often too concentrated to try to do everything in the best way, but fortunately she has found time to become a bit of a swimrunner too.
What makes it different? His "volcanic" side, the unfailing urge to say to Diego "... and why not do ...", the unfailing transparency of his smile, the passion he instills when he speaks of Swimrun Cheers, his ability to grasp the moment with the camera: his photos are a must for Swimrun Cheers!

"the president"

Diego, President of ASD Swimrun Cheers and, together with Veronica, founder of this project.
But Diego is also the Athlete or the former athlete and ASI National Coordinator for Swimrun in Italy. "These are his" institutional "positions but what makes him different? The passion with which he shares his passion for Swimrun with anyone, without ever denying a word, advice, training to anyone! Ask around ... 😉
Since 2019 he is also editor of a column on Swimrun for the Triathlete head. Every year it grinds over 400km of swimrun between training, tests and competitions.
First Italian Swimrun addicted. Since 2014 he has had 2 ÖtillÖ World Championships and 13 International Competitions (8 on the ÖtillÖ circuit) in his palmares.

“the angel“

Few people know of its existence, but we all benefit from its efforts, without knowing it: sometimes website, sometimes videos, graphics, flyers ... its paw is almost everywhere. What makes it different? The patience. The incredible level of resistance of the last minute requests of the "neuron"! Never lose patience!


Who doesn't know La Tommy? Everyone in the Swimrun Cheers universe and beyond know it. The social woman par excellence, also from our Instagram account Swimrun_Cheers_Official ". When she was infected by Swimrun Cheers and she took the" swimrunnerite "?!?!? A rainy and gloomy cold test of 2017. From that day it is no longer healed, only worsened!


Who is TOMMASO BELLORIO, your new coach!
In 2018 he became F.I.Tri Coordinator. (maximum level of technical preparation).
Since 2011 I have been working as a Personal Trainer at the "Virgin Active" fitness village in Verona managing both 1: 1 and small-class people. From 2007 to today I work as a sports coach for both athletes (especially triathletes and golfers) and not.
Having a health diploma, I also manage small rehabilitations in synergy with an osteopath.

2018 - Coordinator F.I.Tri. (maximum level)
2016 - Degree in Sports Science
2014 - Triathlon coach (level 2)
2013 - Triathlon technician (level 1)
2012 - Top Trainer (Italian Fitness Federation)
2011 - Second level fitness and bodybuilding instructor diploma
2010 - T.P.I Certified, athletic training for golfers (Titleist)
Master at the Italian Fitness Federation:
Functional recovery of shoulder, knee and ankle
Circuit Training and Cardiofitness for Weight Loss
The Training Card
Fitness and Enhancement for the Third Age
Training and Hormonal Response
Food Educator course at the Italian Fitness Federation
Triathlon student-trainer (level 0) at FITRI
2009 - Clubmaker course (custom materials for golfers) Golfsmith Europe
2007 - Personal Trainer at the Italian Fitness Federation
2006 - O.S.S. Diploma (Healthcare Worker) at I.Ci.S.S. of Verona
2004 - 1st level swimming instructor
Diploma of 1st level Fitness and Bodybuilding Instructor at the Italian Fitness Federation
1999 - Mountain Bike Instructor at S.I.M.B. (Italian Mountain Bike School)

brand ambassador

Michele is a great friend of Swimrun Cheers. Since 2016, the birth of the project, he has never skipped an edition of the Stresa race.
He is an ISEF graduate, has a 2nd level FIN swimming instructor certification and F.I.Tri technician.
His radiance and professionalism are unexceptionable.
Spontaneously he organized tests with us in Trecate and now you will find him as coordinator of some of our tests.

brand ambassador

Luca is a non-professional athlete with a big heart.
He got infected by Swimrun Cheers, after years of cycling, triathlon, athletics.
His energy is contagious, he knows how to best stimulate people and that's why he is on our test team.
Da Diego has taken the willingness to always say yes to extra workouts to try this wonderful sport.

local ambassador

Ivan entered the Swimrun Cheers universe in 2016, participating in a BASIC test.
There the love at first sight. She participated in all editions of the Stresa race and in 2017 she was the "broom" of all the tests.
A 4-hour drive was shot from Val di Susa to Monate (VA).
To know:
He is the coordinator of the test at the Avigliana Lakes.

local ambassador

We met Diego at the test at the Avigliana Lakes in 2018 and he was invariably ... infected.
He lives in Cuneo with a good knowledge of Imperia.
And here is the fateful question "hey, why don't we organize a test in Imperia ?!".
Said and done. 2019 we have scheduled the first and now, Diego, is the coordinator of the Imperia test.


Who is RICCARDO PALUMBO, your new coach!

2017 - Capo Bagnino massager of spas - Massage therapy
2015 - Swiss Swimming expert for teaching Kids Coach module
2015 - Youth and Sports Coach
2015 - ESA Sport monitor for adults
2013 - Federal triathlon instructor first level FITRI
2013 - Youth Swimming + Sports Expert - AI CHI Instructor - TAI CHI Aquatic
2012 - Poison license for the management of swimming facilities
2012 - WOGA Instructor / Teacher - Water Yoga
2010 - Youth + Sports and Kids Expert
2008 - Trainer teacher for Swimsports.ch
2007 - Water Pilates teacher
2006 - Youth and Sports Monitor
2006 - Practitioner Watsu (Water Shiatsu) - Practitioner Shiatsu Masunaga second level - Ayurvedic massage Practitioner (Marma Massage) with the teacher Umberto Grippo (Auroville) India - Degree in Motor and Sport Sciences - Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Mi)
2005 - Swiss rescue patent BLS AED, Lakes Module, Pro Pool and Plus Pool.
2004 - Swimming instructor (FIN)
2003 - Neonatal swimming instructor (Giletto method)
2002 - Swimming instructor Salvamento Society of Genoa
1997 - Bathing Assistant (FIN)


2003 - 2005 Maintenance manager for children and wet assistant at the Casciago Tennis Club (ITA)
2006 - 2017 Swimming monitor for all ages and personnel manager at the Aquatic Club Ticino (CH).
1997 - 2017 Swimming instructor at the Laguna Blu Sports Center in Varese (ITA). 2012 - 2017 Technical and personnel manager in the summer seasons of the municipal lido Conca D’Oro in Paradiso (Lugano).
Since 1997 he has taught aquatic activities of all kinds. Since 2006 he has been involved in training staff and new monitors / instructors both in Italy on behalf of the Salvamento Company in Genoa, Varese section and in Switzerland on behalf of the Aquatic Club Ticino, Youth and Sport and swimsport.ch
He has always taught in the aquatic field. For the past 13 years, he has been active in individual and group coatching and in designing new teaching techniques and methodologies relating to holistic aquatic disciplines. He is responsible for the staff and internal training of the Ceresio Nuoto Network, which includes three other sports associations besides the Aquatic Club Ticino which are: Water Polo Club Bissone, Swiss Rescue Society and the Capriasca Water Team. In the last 6 years he is responsible for the training of neonatal and pregnant swimming for the National Salvamento Society of Genoa and collaborates on the teaching plan for the swimming instructor course.
Acquatic Club Ticino PO Box 834 6902 Paradiso (CH)
Club Laguna Blu Via Garoni 21100 Varese (ITA)
Sports Instructor in the water and land field. Personal trainer. SPA massager. Trainer. Author. Capo Bagnino Massager (Auxiliary art of health) - Massage therapy.

alessandro maslowsky
"the coordinator"

Maslo is Maslo. A ten-year friend of the Pres, coach, cyclist, runners, triathlete ... after years of unbridled court by Diego, on September 21, 2019 he saw his debut in the swimrun. If he will become a swimrunner, it is not known, he has been our precious Coordinator of the volunteers for the race for 2 years. At the moment.

Soleil Castelli asano
"the interpreter"

Born in 2007 in New York City, Soleil grew up bi-lingual by an Italian mother and a half Italian and half Japanese father: she is a real citizen of the world.
We couldn't miss this opportunity, so we let her manage the English part of the site.
You might ask, what are her experiences with swimming?
Well, she was snorkeling around the reef in Riviera Maya when she was 3, and continues to swim today.
The funny part is that if you would have asked her if she could swim when was younger, she would say no, I can't :)

Antonello Parini

It's true, he has a strange job title his. What is his mission and dream?  He finds conpanies, meets them, listens to them and puts together our pieces and theirs to create partnerships. Antonello was infected on a couch during a Christmas dinner. Is he a swimrunner? No, a Swing dancer, a cyclist, a sport person in perfect Swimrun Cheers style. The stopwatch is the last thing on his mind! 


Denis supports us for in the management of travelling and accommodation. He officially joined the team in 2020 but we had a first approach in 2019. Is he a swimrunner? Not yet, but he's doing OCR for the time being. He has yet to be properly infected. Will you give us a hand?!?!?

diego novella's corner
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